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GM simply isn't showing as much interest in straight line performance.

They want to get rid of the stigma that american cars cant turn, as the Europeans and the japanese say.

they are trying to appeal to that market, by creating a more balanced car. its exciting, because it is clear that this is what there goal is, and with the alpha based 6th gen, they will be able to dive more effectively into this market.

and its not just chevy... look at Ford with their Boss model. go check out the ford forums. LOTS of people that prefer the boss LS over the gt500. and now dodge making claims to put out a z/28 rival.

the one thing that still is and will continue to be true about american cars is that V8 roar. that is until CAFE butts in.

drag racing as a sport is shrinking, and road racing is growing.

It's OK guys, you don't need a mullet to drive a camaro any more.
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