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.....people not wanting to mess with their cars and just wanting to drive them plays a big part. Being younger, having the desire and ability to modify and work on all aspects of a car back in the day is not feasible for me now. I don't want to pay someone either to do the work for me, that's like having someone take my wife out to dinner. Also, having the factory warranty with a peace of mind is important to an older guy who wants a true high performance factory ride that he strived to attempt to build back in the day with toil, ingenuity, and determination. Stuff comes standard nowadays. Who really cares about if the ZL1 matches the historical lineage to a T, or that the Z/28 dosen't fit historical criteria, is going to be expensive as all heck with carbon ceramics, helical cut gears, DSSV dampers, and a 427 CID small block"? Only reason the LS7 is freed up for any model in '14 is that the C7 ain't using it anymore and there's guys in the build center on tap to run that line for a little while longer. It's a fantastic high reving, stoutly built motor with gorilla size displacement that can twist even higher and crank out more juice with minor modifications. Shoot, we couldn't even stroke 400 small blocks that big until stroker kits starting coming out, and the reliability factor wasn't that high either. One can always modify a SS, 1LE, ZL1, Z/28, or COPO with extra parts and goodies to meet their needs for speed in whatever venue they choose if they want to. GM.Chevy makes this stuff and gives us the opportunity to choose with our wallets how we want to go. These are the high times peep's, celebrate..don't hate.
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