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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Dyno Day!

Thanks for the complements.

So my i'm still waiting on a 10 rib belt to be custom built for me so i can try out my 3" pulley, but I couldn't wait any off to the dyno with my "street" pulley (3.5" @ 11#) after work today.

I got over my minimum goal of 700 by 4 hp. My 3rd and final pull I ended up at 704 rwhp @ 653# torque @ 5950 rpm @ 18 degrees of timing (9.9:1 compression).

This was on 93 octain and meth. I'm planning to add Shell URT at the track tomorrow for extra protection (more than 50/50), and then i'll back my street tune down a few degrees of timing for safety (so my street tune will settle around 675 rwhp).

I'm not sure why, but boost started falling off around 6000 signs of belt slipage (although my current belt is a little longer than i would like it). Current theory is the car is pushing a lot more air through and the SC couldn't keep up .

Can't wait to see what that 3" can do...i'm hoping it holds the boost through atleast 6500 rpm.

The dyno chart shows last octobers pull with my best one today (the Oct was prior to motor rebuild, cam, heads & meth). Video as well, even though dyno videos aren't all that exciting.

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