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Originally Posted by RedWingsZL1 View Post
If some of you would look outside of the GM brand and see the bigger picture GM isn't just making this Camaro to be the 'best camaro' they're making it to be the best damn track car you can buy while retaining some normal every-day driving experience.

I mean really look at the potential in this car. It's three seconds faster than the ZL1 which turned a 7:41 around the ring. Imagine what those brakes alone will shave off that time in the corners of the ring. Imagine if the three seconds translates to tracks like the VIR where the Z/28 would be close to touching the Ferrari 458 Italia.

If I read the wiki right, the ZL1 turned the ring just about as fast as the ZR1. So the Z/28 will be out-lapping a ZR1 possibly?

This isn't about price. This is about capability, and the Z/28 will be mighty capable in the twisties.
ZR1 - 7.19.63
Z06 - 7.22.68
ZL1 - 7.41.27

The Z/28 wont touch the Z07 or the ZR1 lap times at the ring
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