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Originally Posted by BigPopa71 View Post
I was thinking about trading my car but I think I would save money just bolting on an IPF supercharger and some brembos. I have put about ten grand in my car and I can't see getting a new Camaro just to say its a V-8. I still have some BBK long tube headers under the bed and I think with the supercharger and brembos I will come out with a healthier pocket and a pretty fast ride? Plus I love my RS. What do you think?
What year is your car? What are your ultimate goals? What kind of mods are included in the $10K? If you have a 2012+ you have a lot of room to grow with what you have, but you will be a bit more limited with an early car until other mods come out. If your goal is a real high HP car then you will probably do what most other's have done, complete rebuild of a LS3/L99 or engine swap with the SS to, so it's hard to say if it is cheaper to go the trade-in route or not. If you are looking for stock SS power from a V6 then it will almost certainly be cheaper to add FI to what you have. Can't say how much you might get for your current mods, but you might get lucky and recoup most of that in the classified section. Good luck.
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