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Originally Posted by RedWingsZL1 View Post
Uhh? I said nothing about the Corvette i don't think. However, I did mention the LFA and 458.

458 Italia: 7:32.92 or 7:38.00

Lexus LFA: 7:38.00 or 7:38.85

No doubt the Z/28 has a chance at approaching those two.

I mentioned the 458 Italia and LFA due to the VIR Lightning Lap Times:
4.1 Miles
1. 458 Italia : 2:49.9 ($333,000)
2. Lexus LFA : 2:55.1 ($380,000)
3. Camaro ZL1 : 2:57.5 ($59,000)

So, For $300,000 cheaper, you can out track a Lexus LFA in a Z/28. Listening to what I'm saying now?

If the Z/28 shed 3 seconds off Milford's 2.9mi (could be wrong about the length) road coarse.... Just saying.
you mentioned possibly faster than a ZR1
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