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Originally Posted by onebad1le View Post
this with everything off. Now that the car is modified, I tried using the launch control it rev up to 5000 rpm which is to high to launch (maybe) dont wanna break anything as axles and fry my clutch. also the tires dont spin very sticky (dead hook)

What are your times with a 1.9 60 ft and are u 6 speed ?
LS3 M6.

My best time is a 12.80 around 113 with a 2.1 60'. (good air)

I think the two 1.9s I have recorded are around 13 flat. My best run that night was 12.85 at 110 with a 2.1 60'.

My shifting 1-2, 2-3 are inconsistent. With good air I should be running under 12.5. But not yet, getting there is the fun part.

Everyone experienced running LS3 Camaros say do not use Launch Control. It can break axles and will also pull timing. So run with TC off (one tap) and leave the other nannies on to help you stay in your lane and away from the wall if things get hairy.

Question for you. Getting wheel hop? I want to get a '14 1LE and are wondering if I will need to keep some of my suspension mods.
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