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Originally Posted by gajagfan View Post
You own one of the best handlling cars around. Don't screw it up by lowering it. Do you want to look fast, or actually be fast. Leave the car alone!
Even Though I complained about my Eibach R1 endlink tab, the lower stance with stiffer/quicker and waaaaayyyyyy better than even the 1LE shocks valving actually makes my car accelerate quicker by taking away the unwanted power robbing dip that stock suspension makes during take off. Less weight shifting front to rear and so on. I can tell you of 5 different coilover kits that may feel equally stiff but the valving is what makes the difference. I sold the 1LE suspension because honestly the valving still felt like crap and was softer than even the H&R coilover kit.
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