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Originally Posted by Rtoups View Post
Ya, my Zaino order came in today, so naturally, I decided to try it out on my Saab. The directions say to add 4-5 drops of ZFX to one of the 2oz mixing bottles with Z2 or Z5 in it. So I did, but 5 drops is about half of that little 2ml bottle. This just doesn't seem right. If I decided to use ZFX with another mixing bottle, I'll be out of ZFX entirely at this rate! Am I doing something wrong?
I'll try to clarify this for ya' ;

One 2oz. bottle, (which is included in ZFX) filled, is enough for 3 coats.

The "blue" liquid in the little bottle is used in the following quantities;

- 1 oz. of polish - add 4 drops (which is plenty)
- 2 oz. of polish - add 8 drops (which is plenty)

Thats' pretty much the exact instructions from the box of ZFX.

I recall the first time I received ZFX. I called Sal, as I too thought the bottle wasn't filled correctly. But trust me, you have enough.

Also, I shake it well for 60/90 sec., then let it sit for 30 sec., before using.

Finally, use only the bottles included as they give you the correct amounts of polish to additive (blue drops).

Hope that helped?

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