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correct me if i am wrong but isnt the ls7 a hand built engine? also isnt it an engine they cant mass produce do to being hand built AND the government regs, cafe epa blah blah blah? so there can only be so many ls7 sold in this country without screwin up their averages.

also as a car enthusiast i am happy the z28 is being produced even if only for one year. i am happy it isnt like what they did to the z28 in the 4th gen.
i am unpleased but not unhappy about the price point. i was out as soon as it didnt have an auto option but the price made it to where i wouldnt buy it then throw 10 grand at a transmission so i could drive it. if it really is going to be more than a zl1 i would rather buy a awd car and dump half the price of a zl1 and be the baddest car on the track. shit imagine what you could do with an mr2 and 40 grand?

i hope people drive these cars but i fear and think it will end up in a lot of old guys garages with a bubble around it.

for all the guys comparing a camaro to a corvette its border line absurd.
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