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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
Who gives a rat's ass what the Europeans think about the Camaro, that is not the MAIN intended market for it. Sure you'll get a small minority of people over there who have an appreciation for pony/muscle cars, but to think we are trying to win over BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini drivers, that's just..... GM is trying to satisfy the niche here. How did this get into a debate about how long the Camaro was going to last...again?
because the camaro will be put into a group with track ready cars like porsche...thats why it matters. its out of any classes here in the US market... so now you need to find cars to compare it against....not to mention its higher price will throw it right out of most comparissons of US cars...... you tell me who it should be compared to?

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