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Originally Posted by Wizard1183 View Post
I agree, I don't care what Europeans think about our cars.

This I don't agree. Reason being is with maybe the exception of Ferrari and Lamborghini, those mentioned among OTHER foreign cars play a major role in track racing TODAY. This is NOT Chevy Camaro vs ford and dodge. Those days are long gone! The corvette is racing against all the euro cars you've mentioned and the camaro is getting its feet wet in track racing these models though that's short lived....
there is good and bad tt this car and gm now. because everything in GM is getting better, weve basically beaten all US car companies across the board. now GM is going for the world market. like the ATS aiming at the 3 series...and the new CTS... the new vette aiming at the Ferrari. Cadillac bringing its luxury to a new level comparable to Mercedes. this camaro is now in a league of its own and needs competition. where else to look but the more expensive European market.

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