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March issue of MOTOR TREND has an article (page 68) on the CAMARO SS 1LE and the Mustang GT Track Pack.

The article indicates a gross weight of 3860lb for the 1LE, about 10 lb heavier than the "standard" SS.

Yet the 0-60 acceleration figure indicated is 4.3s which is about 0.3 or 0.4 seconds quicker than other SS samples previously measured by the same magazine these past years.

Equally, the 1/4 mile came down some 0.2 or 0.3 seconds faster than previous SS coupe models (tested over the past three years by the same publication) at 12.7 seconds while going 111.8 mph at the quarter mile mark (about 3 mph faster)

The engine specs and drive train remain the same : standard LS3 with same HP and Torque output connected to the six speed Tremec.

The final drive ratios remain about the same 1.96:1.

I noticed however that the axle apparently went down to 3.91:1 while previously was reported at 3.45:1

This however, would not account for the improved acceleration figures which are one third of a second.

I waited, thinking than someone will catch this up an bring it forward in the forum but I did not found any such entry (if I missed it then my apologies) so I'm bringing it in now.

MT usually is very meticulous in their test data gathering process and in the figures they publish, so except for an error on their side (and a significant one this time, I must point out) there has got to be some extra oomph in the new 1LE.

But, from where is it coming??; as that model is heavier while having the same powerhouse and tranny than a regular SS, how come the acceleration figures are so markedly quicker?????

Has GM stated the 1LE was intended to achieve better acceleration figures than regular SS cars??
I thought this model was supposed to introduce changes only in suspension dynamics and driving response for track use.

Anyone care to elaborate?

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