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The exhaust tone of the Z/28 sounds better than the ZL1. The car also looks very solid out there. I noticed how it passed that one car on the OUTSIDE of that far curve which means the driver has a lot of confidence in the grip and balance; no understeer issues there! And this is on a notoriously balance-upsetting track like the Ring.

It's quite clear this car is going to be a ferocious competitor right out of the box; no mods needed. With Dodge announcing they're working on a direct competitor to the Z/28 and I'm sure Ford is also busy in their skunkworks... there HAS to be something brewing between the manufacturers. It doesn't make sense economically to have the big 3 suddenly going after the very small HPDE market like this compared to the much bigger consumer market unless there are bigger plans that haven't been revealed yet.

I may be wrong but I'm calling it now; there's a new manufacturers championship series in the works. Maybe even a revival of the old Trans Am series. Watching these videos of the Z/28 on the track, that's not a weekend racer, that's a race winner being developed and tuned.

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