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What's your source on this tranny info?

Originally Posted by JeffInDFW View Post
You already caught the fact that the 1LE has a 3.91 ring and pinion, but the 1LE also has a different version of the TR6060 transmission which has close ratio gears for 1st thru 4th. Combine that with rear tires which are both wider and stickier, and you have your answer.

On my last Camaro, going from 3.45 gears to 4.10s gave me 3 tenths by itself.


Thanks for your input.

I not only agree that a substantial pinion gear aspect change like the one you indicate (getting a reduction from 3.45 to 4.10) will produce an equally substantial improvement in acceleration figures, in fact I have actually experienced such effect first hand in my Pontiac FIREBIRD.

However, the ratio change from 3:45 to 3:91 is not enough, in my experience to yield a third of a second in 0-60 times, let alone in the quarter mile, all other factors remaining the same.

It surely can ad from two to three tenths of a sec at the 0-30mph / 0-40mph range, but as speeds goes up the gain is further diminished.

A 0.2 secs quicker time at the 0-30mph will cut down to 0.1 by the 60mph mark; at the moment the vehicle reaches 110mph (around the quarter mile distance) it will be about 0.08 - 0.07 secs or even less since other detracting factors increase their effect in a non linear manner as speed grows, such as rolling resistance from drive-train components and aerodynamic drag just to name two of them.

The one thing which you mention that can possible explain the results published in MT would be a revised TR6060 tranny yet I do not seem to have read anywhere that GM had an altered or different version of this transmission for the 1LE models as you indicate.

If they indeed are offering a different tranny for the 2013 1LE then I assume it would have figured out prominently by GM in the promotional material about the car and in its debut, pointing out the differences in the transmission components, manufacturing tolerances and/or design, but I did not see such advertising.

Can you clarify where did you get the info on the revised Tremec TR6060 so I can go check on that???

As for the wider tires influence in these results, while I agree that the standard tires in the SS are lacking I strongly differ as to the magnitude that the tire package offered in the 1LE has in achieving its quarter mile gains; it will represent at best a few tenths of a sec, not even a full sec.
Once up to optimal operating temp the Pirelli Zeros are not too shabby at all.

If GM got a different transmission for the 1LE coupled wth a more aggressive differential then that could begin to explain these figures.

If so, I might be inclined to consider the value of purchasing a 1LE tranny to replace the original one on my SS. All things considered it might prove a better and safer investment to obtain quicker accelration than pursuing aftermarket mods.

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