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Originally Posted by SmokedSS View Post
I have this same AI Chiller and it works great. My last experience @ the track and after heat soak from earlier run my IAT's were 115f when I started car to pull to stagging lanes and with chiller in comp mode within 2-3 minutes IAT's were 39f, stayed there through staging and only climbed to 89f by end of 1/4 mile run. Highway driving the other day 84f ambient temps and my water stayed low 50's f with IAT's matching, switched to comp to see difference and water dropped into low 30's F and IAT's followed.. This Chiller keeps the Maggie Cool!
Originally Posted by rforbes View Post
I agree, one of the best mods I have done. Maggie coolant temps reading 38 degrees in 100 degree temperatures.
Just out of curiosity, have either one of you made a 1/4 mile pass first without having the chiller on, then make a second pass with the chiller on, then compare time slips?
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