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We're talking full 3 secs!!

Originally Posted by newb View Post
Also adding the forged wheels saved rotational mass. This too adds to performance numbers. You answered your own question. Lighter wheels, stickier/wider tires and the gear ratio changes add up to the additional acceleration. Other changes include heavier duty wheel bearings which could also offer less resistance. Hard to say exactly where the new found speed comes from as it is probably a combination of it all.


I beg to differ on answering my own question.

You are entirely right in that a reduction in rotational mass (or unsprung weight, as I grew up calling it) creates an sizable improvement in acceleration and deceleration (stopping, changing direction) of an automobile.

The different wheel bearings (which I did not know about, thanks for the info) add bits here and there too.

I come from the same school. I have been successful racking up improvements that seem unattainable in my other (and previous) pony car, an unassuming normally aspirated V6 with which I have shamed a large number of V8 MUSTANGS of its same era, so I value and accept what you are pointing at.

Yet to achieve just 2 full secs of 0-60mph quicker times required a large number of substantial modifications to very many major components in the vehicle, also representing a cost figure well above ten grand!

Here, the 1LE purports to achieve about 3 full secs in the 0-60mph and the quarter mile stretch with the same powerhouse (no tweaks to the LS3) and the same transmission (although JeffInDFW believes a different transmission is sourced for the 1LE which I think is m the best bet for an explanation).

Again, even though I agree with your point that a combination of several components factors in to achieve better improvements, the issues that we have discussed so far in this thread are not, IMHO, to justify the huge gap in the results posted.

I'm beginning to wonder (more like suspect) if MT was actually handed either a close controlled manufactured vehicle (special one offs in which a crack team from the factory work the whole assembly line process to achieve 100% of the intended design tolerances and specs) or a test ringer by GM for that comparison article.

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