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I'm missing a (.) there

Originally Posted by Blizzard View Post
I am still lost about why you are asking about a full 3 seconds when it is only 0.3 seconds faster.

Now the gain of 0.3 seconds in the 0-60 mph time is because it gets the power to the ground and closer gearing from 1st to 2nd. The 0.3 seconds gained in the 1/4 mile time are because after the 1LE reaches the 60 mph range it is almost identical to a standard SS.
Sorry, you're right, my mistake.

It's a 0.3 secs difference in the time slip. I dropped the decimal point somewhere!!

Anyhow , gajagfan & TedW clarified the issue confirming the indication from JeffInDFW that indeed a different transmission is key to the improved times. The more aggressive diff and the rest of the changes already discussed here make up the story.

Thank you too for your input.

Seems not much but I was into drag racing (in my younger years) a single tenth cost a few thousands and meant everything. Even now, achieving it seems an issue, to me at least.

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