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"So did you get the real Camaro or just a V6?"

First of all, let me say that I am THRILLED with my new SIM 2LT/RS. Love, love, love the car. However, the question in the subject title has been asked of me three times (in some variation, but basically the same question) in the first 24 hours of ownership.

WTF? I'm starting to get an inadequacy complex already.

I was deciding between the 2LT and a 2SS, and I decided to go with the 2LT for a few reasons:

1) Several thousand cheaper, better gas mileage, and a cheaper insurance rate (and with a family of 5, the overall savings is a big deal)
2) PLENTY of power in the 2LT
3) I am hoping to pass this car down to my kiddo in three years, and she absolutely won't need an SS or the insurance rates to go with it (and probably even this car has a little too much juice for a new driver)

Has anyone else with a V6 Camaro had the same scenario come up regularly? What do you say to the people who ask? The guy who asked me about it today on the golf course drives a Mustang GT that's a couple years old. My dad told him I had picked up my Camaro yesterday, and he asked the magic question. When I told him I got the V6, he had this disappointed look on his face and said "ohhhh.....well, I'm sure it is still pretty nice." I responded "Yeah, I really like it, and from what I've heard, it will smoke a Mustang." Heh.
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