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TPW 4/22! Becky told me yesturday that it was about to be produced or whatever and I think it finished production today! I checked the (thats not the legit url) and it said that production was complete! Now a question for all you seasoned vets (cause this is my first new car), how substantial is your location when it comes to the time it will take the car to be delivered? I live in Detroit and I'm thinking my delivery time will be a bit shorter than mosts because of how close Dtown is to Canada. I've found that most people are only waiting around 2 weeks (roughly) to receive their camaros. I was hoping this would be the same cause for us 4/22's because I should be back in Detroit by May 2. Any of you guys got any guesses how long it might take for you to get your car? I'm just sick and tired (extremely tired) of not getting any sleep or getting any work done!
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