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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
That would be extremely impressive but I don't see that happening. I believe this Z/28 is going to be a track monster I can't see it being that good though.

I am going to respectfully disagree.

the Z06 with Z07 package did the ring in 7:22, and the Z06 weighs in at 3175 pounds according to Chevy. The 3400 pound ZR1 with and additional 130 HP and 130 lb/ft did it in 7:19.68

The Z/28 is with the same engine as the Z06 is gonna weigh in at around 3800 lbs (from what we have seen), I know its pretty much a full on race car, but the suspension, tires, and brakes are gonna make up for that extra 625 pounds? I don't know that would be a hell of an accomplishment for team Chevy.

So my prediction is 7:30.00, which puts it right up there with some very high dollar, high performance cars
Weight isn't necessarily an advantage or disadvantage on a course like the ring it's more about the suspension and how well it can put the power down and keep it down. Without any other info I'm putting my faith in Stielow and his ability to make track killer cars. I'm standing by my guess. The 11" square tire config is going to do a lot to offset weight differences.

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