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Originally Posted by insidethreat07 View Post

I have a lot of pride in my car thank you very much. Whats wrong with doing a couple burnout here and there? I can almost promise you my car sitting out in the shop is cleaner and more well cared for than many cars on this site, and especially out of the cars Ive seen in person around this area. I just cant tell what youre trying to get at with your comment? I have tons of pride in my little 01 V6. Whats wrong with doing some burnouts?
Easy does it killer....nothing but praise intended here. I have quietly followed your build for awhile. Could have added more to it I guess but it's too bad the reaction to a statement that could be interpreted either way usually airs on the side of negativity. Aaaahhhh, internet forums.

Btw, in the few off line conversations we've had, at what point would you think I was "that guy"?
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