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Note: If somebody else wants to offer you a private offer follow these steps:
1.Ask for private offer
2.Coordinate exchange of your information PM or text to phone. (The private offer has a session key and the pop up only stays active for 3 minutes and you must type in info and hit submit or it will just say processing and not work)
3.Once pop up appears the info is quickly entered and hit submit, download offer.
4. With the offer on the screen highlight the entire screen for the offer and copy (right click and select copy) DO THIS COPY as I have discovered many times that the private offer DOES NOT GET SENT TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU ENTERED SOMETIMES for the user to be able to print out.
5.Open email and create new email and enter users email address
6. Paste copy of the offer and enter subject.
7. Hit send

Now the user who could not get the private offer has a $1000. (Feel free to compensate the person who got you the private offer with whatever you agree on, kudos, gift, money ect.)
Do not tell the dealer you have this until final numbers and then pull out the certificate.
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