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Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
Everyone saying 7:18-7:25 are crazy. That is Corvette ZR1 (w/ Sport Cup tires) and Dodge Viper ACR territory. The Camaro Z/28 will likely have 100+ less horsepower and weigh ~300 lbs more than the ZR1 and ACR Viper. What makes you think it will run those lap times?

I think the Z/28 will run 7:33.
We don't actually know the horsepower; GM said "about" 500 which you can take means more than that, they're just not sure how much more. Weight isn't as big a factor on a track like the Ring which GM proved with the surprising lap times of the ZL1. It's about suspension, spring rates, shock damping and tire grip. Stielow and team are clearly spending a LOT of time focusing on those areas. In those videos you can see a Vette, ZL1 and Z/28 running at the same time under the same conditions. That means they're studying the differences between lighter (vette) versus heavier but intelligent suspension (ZL1) and making adjustments to the Z/28 accordingly. Being out there all at the same time eliminates the variables of weather and track conditions.

Read up on the car projects Stielow has done and you'll realize what this guy can do. He's got the green light from GM management to make this a real track star and I'll be very surprised if this car isn't the fastest GM production car out on the ring. They're learning from what Stielow is doing so the high-performance version of the C7 Stingray will likely take back that crown next year but for now I believe the Z/28 is going to become king and surprise a lot of people. Yes I believe it's going to beat the ZR1's and Viper's times that are in the book.

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