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Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
Everyone saying 7:18-7:25 are crazy. That is Corvette ZR1 (w/ Sport Cup tires) and Dodge Viper ACR territory. The Camaro Z/28 will likely have 100+ less horsepower and weigh ~300 lbs more than the ZR1 and ACR Viper. What makes you think it will run those lap times?

I think the Z/28 will run 7:33.
So far, every video I have seen on the ZL1 and Z/28 at nurburgring shows the Z/28 going through a set of turns a second faster than the ZL1. Same day and same conditions. I don't know if it's my imagination or what, but that's significant.

Doc's a little more optimistic than I am, but if GM is going to make this a track monster, then they just as well do it right from the beginning.
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