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Originally Posted by Rob3D View Post
I placed an order for an underhood liner bowtie on 4/19. It shows it being shipped and all of that is fine. However, I really need tracking numbers so I can be here or make arrangements because we live in the country.

It's not easy to get a hold of them and I've requested the tracking number twice now.

I guess this isn't bitching as much as letting you know my experience so far....
So I got my hood liner bowtie today. A nice piece of tin with a crappy pain tjob and a scratch right across it longways. The paint is an orange that doesn't even come close anything orange on my car. No mounting hardware or instructions. They listed my order as shipped by fed-ex and UPS delivered it.

Sorry guys. All it takes is one aw shit to erase 1000 attaboys.

PS. Nope, not gonna return it. Not gonna risk juggling that hundred bucks around. Gonna try and make some lemonade out if a lemon.

PSS. This is why I hate drop shipping. You guys should know what you're sending people instead of trusting a third party.
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