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Originally Posted by The Flash View Post
@bad@asscamaro, scubaado7, whammo :

Read my first and second posts in this thread. I'm clearly referring to a 0.3 sec difference.

The figures are there very clearly written.

I had a brief lapse for a couple of posts when I wrote 3 sec, a lapse which I acknowledged and corrected later, yet even then it can be inferred I'm writing/thinking about a three tenths gap.

Such inference falls flat on its face as a three second difference (from an SS which is able to do 4.6 or 4.7 0-60mph times in stock trim) would mean that a stock 1LE was doing what... 1.6 secs / 0-60???? 9secs to the quarter???

Yeah,, right !!! And if a pig had wings, it would be a B-2 bomber.

We are trying here to have a serious, intelligent discussion about a topic that was featured in an international auto magazine as factual, yet I have subsequently found (youtube search yesterday) other established sources which results contradict this.

I thought it would be relevant/of interest to any SS or 1LE owner.

Feel free to join, leave or simply watch, yet I respectfully think it is up to forum moderators to decide if the thread is worth continuing or not.

Drive safe,

The Flash
They weren't clearly written at first. If they had been you would have thought twice about posting the thread over such a trivial matter about what a magazine writes. It seems that it would be advantageous on your part to spend more time in the 1LE section, so as you would have been more informed there than from what a magazine has written.

There is also another thread that involves people who race on a regular basis that would have been more keen to your question(s).

God Bless and hope your day is full of joy
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