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Originally Posted by Camper View Post
like I said, what is taking it that high? Maybe im underestimating the cost of a LSX/TT setup?

im not trying to be rude, im trying to understand. I've compared what I have to what emma has and I dont see another 50-60k on top of what I have complete already.
Originally Posted by bct10985 View Post
Are you counting the cost of the car? They laughed at me earlier when i said 100k
I believe she has a billet block. 10 k there
Forged rotating 3k
All pro heads intake and elbow 10k
Pistons 3k
Twin turbo set up 25k plus
Boost controller, etc 5k
Transmission 10k
Drive line, rear driveline 10k
Rear suspension set up 7k
All the other shit 10k
Plussssssssssssss al, the work over two years 50k.
Plus new car price of say 40k

I'd go she's in just short of $200k roughly
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