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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Well I guess you're not a Camaro fan. We find it interesting because it's not only the new body style but a reborn Z/28. If it was a video of the 2014 Stingray you'd probably find it less boring.

The fact that it's making corners at the ring look "boring" is a big clue as to how capable a track car this is. Watch the part with that little red truck thing going through that one set of corners and you'll see and hear how a regular production vehicle handles. The fact that the Z/28 looks like it's cruising through that same set while going much faster is very revealing.
I had a 5th gen. With blower, wheels, full suspension, exhaust, dual fuel systems, etc. I love it. Just because I have a dissenting opinion, I'm a non-Camaro fan? God you people really do have identity issues when someone makes a negative comment. It's like your self-worth revolves around what others think of your platform.

This one was better -- even though it's sideways and equally short.

This is also my first Corvette in my life. I had two 4th gen Trans Ams, an '05 GTO, a Steeda GT, Z71, and a C1500 Pickup with a fully built motor, trans, etc.

I do like the new Stingray and I would have made the same comments on it as well.
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