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Originally Posted by Macky View Post

I like the refresh just fine. There is always resistance to change. I think that it is funny, though. GM listened to all of the complaints about the 5th Gen from Camaro owners and made some changes accordingly. Now, many Camaro owners are screaming about those changes!

Make your comments, good and bad, because that is what the forum is for. But please keep in mind, life is good when you are a Camaro owner!!!
I don't remember anyone asking for much in the way out outside visual changes, and if they were, it wasn't this.

Originally Posted by DRKS1D3 View Post
If you look close enough at the pictures, they have about 37 people packed inside that poor thing. That's why it's squatting like that.
Guess that could be, but still makes me wonder if the 14s aren't slighly lower. My 2010 has large fender to tire gap.
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