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Originally Posted by WiSSDiver View Post
Last weeks rain is still haunting me. Our little league clean up has been moved from 10am to 1pm because of make up games. I'm trying work with the wife to pinch hit for me while I do the cruise, but I'm getting a lot of push back so far. If I'm not at Hooters, I'll try catching up at the lake or in the 3rd Ward. Any one willing to post eta's and "check in's?"

Also, are you guys are planning planning lunch at Hooters? If so, that might buy me enough time.

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to post check ins and leave times.
Yea, I can post approximates for times. I'm thinking lunch starts at Noon. Eat and talk club names and suggestions, come up with some ideas where everyone wants to grab some photos. Then probably head out somewhere between 1:30-2:00p I'm thinking. Do photos at most for an hour or so (w/ drive time to locations), then everybody disperse to their own schedules. At least thats how I figure it will most likely go. Those that want to hang later can decide on that then. I'm pretty much down for just about anything.
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