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Luckily for so many here there are plenty of 2010-2013s around to keep then satisfied for years to come. Right now there are a ton of them for sale.

The best looking current Camaros to me are the V6es. My Camaro looks a bit truckish (blocky) from the front. And the ZL1s are even less attractive from head on. The side of the Camaro is the best view. But the roof looks too squashed down and the belt-line looks too high. The wheels are too big.

But even though I think ZL1s are a bit ugly, I would buy one in a second if I could afford one.

The 2014 changes are pretty subtle and most people will not be able to tell a 2014 from the previous years. At some point adding another ugly comment is a bit tiring. Wait until you see the cars in person. Then if you still do not like it, get a Challenger, the best looking muscle car to me. And who knows, the next Mustang may be a stunner, it has better proportions than the Camaro.

Flame suit on!

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