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Originally Posted by Fraxum View Post
That's not the problem. The problem is when the poster insults the people, not the car. People are excited about the Z28 because we have been told it is even better than the already great ZL1 and 1LE. Here is some evidence.

I think its interesting how the posts in this thread analyzed the short videos. Best thread I read tonight. Every other '14 Camaro thread is full of hate on the details of the styling. And none of the haters have ever seen a '14 in the flesh. "I don't like the tail lights." "They won't sell any of these." "Really glad I have my 2011." Really boring.
True. Here's what it boils down to. It's fine to not like something, or take a contrary point of view or have a difference of opinion. But what many posters do not take into account is their choice of words when doing so. More often than not it is demeaning, inflamatory, or incitefull. Then, when they are called out for it, they attempt to defend their poor choice of words by using the defense that one cannot saying against a Camaro. It's not what you's how you say it. At times I really feel for those responsible who bring us the product like the engineers, designers, who read some of this rubbish. Input, tactfully elicited is one thing, derogatory demeaning bashing is another. Take a stance, defend your position....but be more diplomatic with the language.
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