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Originally Posted by driyac View Post
Her car is capable of 2500 hp. It's not silly.

Her engine went through two different iterations as well. On top of that IPS has high prices. I would say its close to where I am saying that's including everything
I would like to say that IPS does not have high prices. They are right in line with other shops that do similar quality work and, in fact, are quite reasonable for the services they offer.

BTW, I'm not going to get into a discussion as to what it cost because, as driyac said, my car has been through several iterations of mods. I have redone many mods more than once. I kept wanting more power and the accompanying mods to support more power. So, I took off parts I had already modded and sold them to buy bigger and better parts. That's how it has worked with everyone I know who has built a big car.

IPS has been awesome in helping me as my goals have changed. They even shipped my parts that I sold.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words on my build... the car is off to get a bit of welding work done right now to get the new fuel cell installed and have the battery relocated so it will all fit.

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