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Originally Posted by ChevyTrunkMusic View Post
Hello everyone,

why ruin perfection? Chevy, your original gen 5 is what got me into cars. Yes, it birthed a whole new passion for me. I can safely say that if this were the car that i saw as a 17 year old watching transformers for the first time, I would not be a car guy today.

The camaro was the muscle car of my time. But I can tell you this, it has now become the last-place, last resort muscle car. I wouldn't hesitate buying a mustang or challenger before this if in some weird twist of reality I was forced to choose between the 3.

I completely agree with this. I am only 20, and when I saw the new Camaro in Transformers- the scene where the 2nd Gen swapped to a 5th Gen I knew immediately that this car would be my dream car. Getting a Camaro has made me passionate about cars. Sure, I always had a general knowledge about cars (but not much more than the average boy). This car has made me an enthusiast of all cars. I think the reason why all of us are so angry with this refresh is that we think it takes away from the legacy of the Camaro we bought into. Sure many of us are thanking our lucky stars we got the Camaro between 10' - 13', but what we are more upset about is the whole brand image change. I think many of us agree that the new refresh just doesn't match up to what we think the Camaro should be. I wish that GM would have accentuated on the Camaro's strong points rather than take away from them.

People are getting mad that people are griping, but we are only griping because we care.
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