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Originally Posted by Palutz59 View Post
Well said man. Definitely an interesting community here. Lots of people keep talking about getting mustangs and challengers ... Sorry but don't call yourself a Camaro enthusiast making those claims before the actual car comes out. And also if it takes a movie to make you fall in love with a car then you definitely aren't a car enthusiast. The SS ZL1 and Z/28 will look great because GM wants it this way. The V6s aren't too pleasing to the eyes. This is how the 4th generations were. You get what you pay for.
I'm not too keen on it myself. Except the z28 has some pretty decent lines! You're right about the 4th gens too. Not everyone's cup of tea. Call it how you see it, no prob, But to jump on here and insult the people that DO like the car? Well ,you said it -- trolls. Have a good one!
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