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Originally Posted by The Baron View Post
converter decided it did not like the power output.. I have officially seen the shortcomings of YANK converters now.. it ballooned and tore up the thrust bearing.
I decided to change a few things while i was in there for future upgrades ( twin turbo setup next year maybe).
crank needed to be cut well past were i was happy about so i ordered a new GM crank,, it finally just hit the ground..

the rods are standered fair H beams with wisco 11cc dish pistons ( car was working flawlessly when converter destroyed everything and did not want to raise the compression ratio}.
I am also using a set of TSP ported ls3 heads.
I had the machinist Pin the mains and do the rest of the stuff that helped my 440ci motor in my vette run well.
I had my guys at RPM check out the trans and to my plesent suprise there was zero damage. Rodney also got me a real converter built for the car and Coan had it done in a very short time...
to support the new setup and get the dependancy off the meth, I have ordered a few Squash dual pump fuel system and complete line kit...
The motor has been waiting for the crank so now that it has hit the ground the car should be running in a few weeks..

as far as the tires are concerened im pretty sure the car will be able to go mid 1.6s easily and with some testing get in the 1.5s.. they are never going to be as consistant as a 17" setup but my goal is to run DEEP in the 10s on the same 20" tires i run on the street.... my caddy has this exact tire on it in a 19" and it WORKS.. the 20" tire is exactly 1" taller than the 19"s i have on the caddy so the aspect ratio is the same... that car makes about 150 less hp than this one so only time will tell..
this setback sucked bad... but i learned a lesson.. when the number one tranny builder says dont use this converter its junk, listen the first time..
1.6s will be effortless and 1.5s won't be much harder. With the stock converter, my best 60' is 1.57 on a well prepped track and 18" drag radial. I don't plan on swapping the torque converter either. Can't wait to see this beast and some track runs!
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