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Especially, especially, the folks I've seen post from Tuscaloosa, but anyone within shouting distance. I'm part of a group called Alabama Sports Car Association. It's a mixed group, mustangs, imports, Vettes, just a couple of Camaros unfortunately. We get together on Thursdays to go to Holiday Beach Raceway halfway between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. Real cheap, $5 to get in, another $5 to run your car all you want, it's just a test and tune thing, lots of fun. We do other stuff too. Just get together and hang out while someone works on their car.

I would love to see more Camaros come out and really I wouldn't mind getting a sub group specifically for Camaros from central Alabama.

Big one is the group I meet with it not restricted to an geographic location, so if you want to come no problem. I'm gonna post contact info shortly of the group "manager." He would just have to add you to facebook. But he does want people that are actually gonna show up to a meet, or he'll remove you from the group. Anyone super interested in joining that group or getting together for a Tuscaloosa/Birmingham Camaro thing just send me a message on here.


Ok, if anyone with in range of the Holiday Beach Raceway near Woodstock, AL which is roughly halfway between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham is interested in joining a group of what the group manager calls "sports car" enthusiast, actually a group for "sports car" owners, or in our case mean American muscle car owners, feel free to email:

Majeed Bader:

He's the group manager, tell him you talked to Darrell Jones with the ZL1, he'll know who I am. He can add you to the facebook group

Or just plain feel free to message me on here and I'll let you know when we are getting together and how to find us. But it's pretty simple, every Thursday when the weather permits we go to the track, except when they shut down in the winter for like 3 or 4 months.

Plus, there is a car show the first weekend in June in Tuscaloosa. Check it out at:

We will definitely be there.

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