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Well you have one from Tuscaloosa here. I put on another thread that I'm a member of a local group in Tuscaloosa that goes to Holiday Beach Raceway drag strip every Thursday, but it's a mixed group not just Camaros. So anyone is welcome, but I'd love to get something going to be able to meet with Camaro folks more often.

Listen, I'm a beast when it comes to promoting stuff. Was what I was very successfully doing for a living until I came back to school full time to finish my degree. So what is your vision on the Alabama5thgen, a state wide forum for Camaros?

Anyway, I can help, I'm going around recruiting folks from Tuscaloosa for my local group, I can recruit for something else too.

Only thing is, it's cool to hang out with these new ones, but there are a lot of 1st through 4th gen Camaros out there, bout be a shame to exclude those folks even by name.
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