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Originally Posted by jay_beltran805 View Post
LOl Man this guy cheevey jumps on every Camaro 2014 thread all the time and always SAYS THE SAME SH8T I don't know to me alot of these guys sound like haters maybe because their cars are gonna look out dated? or they can't afford to trade in for a new one or buy one. If you don't like it just say you don't. You don't have to go on every single thread saying you don't and repeating the same stuff over and over like some gentlemen here. I appreaciate GM for trying to please the Camaro community and they did everything (mostly) everything people wanted and now that they did they hate it?
And this is the second time you tried talking crap to me.
It's too bad mommy a d daddy wouldn't put you on there insurance last year, then. You could' ve bought a 13. Learn some respect kid.
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