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funny these 2014 supporters, trying to defend a failed design attempt. Why should we(naysayers) support this design? Be sympathetic that it's another Camaro? Look at all the other Generation that were like yeah it's OK, but never sold squat. Is that acceptable from a business stand point? Wake up already. Why do you think GM went bankrupt in the 1rst place, because their car designs were lame, uninteresting, and didn't sell. Blame it on the economy, right. Why did the Imports have better luck, then? Blame it on the stagnant designers that couldn't come up w/ a design that sells. Seems to be cycling that way again..albeit the Corvettes & Cadillacs might pick up their slack..

..there's way too many 'thumbs down' on this refresh to consider it be a success, imo. Another refresh tweaking may be deemed necessary to change minds and increase sales, prior to the 6th release.

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