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Originally Posted by MarylandSpeed View Post
I know GM thinks this is like the steering wheel change where people griped, and eventually got over it. However this mid cycle enhancement seriously makes the car less desirable. The execution is terrible, and honestly something no one asked for. Between me, my wife, and my business, we have owned four 5th gens now..and I have absolutely zero desire to get a 14 or 15.

I think the ulimate question would be....does the changes that GM made for 2014 make someone who would not have bought the old design buy the new one. I think the answer is no.

My personal thought is that this shows the importance of Bob Lutz, and what can make it through the pipeline without him there.
Yup. I hope products and profitability are not lost to '80s style market share and cost focus.

Someone above also said the '14 rear end loses the **sculpting** from the rest of the car that made it so interesting. I think that sums up the specific issue with the tail.
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