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Originally Posted by oldfriend View Post
That alone would be a good enough reason in my book .

Can one say that stalking is a good reason ?
You guys ever drive cross country? You'll see alot of the same cars and you'll see some pretty strange driving. People get tired or bored and you'll hit it to get some space. Then when you stop for food or gas they catch back up. Things like that are not alarming but it shows how long people can stay with you even if you are faster so at first this guy didn't bother me.

It takes some time to get suspicious about this stuff and when you do you will want to make a few moves to see what you are thinking is right.

Originally Posted by RedVictory View Post
I would have done the same thing. What kind of car was it?
It was a Jetta.

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Would have called the police for sure. Why be followed for that damn long, and not try to do something about it?
It sounds silly but I wanted to drive my car. I'll run my whole state to enjoy a 5th gen. and then some. I also hate drama so I'm hesitant on the 911.

Originally Posted by TPAJETSKI View Post
This is supposed to be a joke right? Or did you watch too much television as a child?
Legal gun owners never bothered me, not even the fanatics, you just have to tell them to shut up every once in a while when they start quoting Thomas Jefferson.

Originally Posted by Comrando View Post
I don't have raisins or granola, only beer nuts and cigarettes.
Maybe they would skid to a stop if I tossed a butt out the window
You should meet my neighbor Girlrilla! A nice gal and somewhat domesticated but when she fights with her girlfriend it can be kinda scary.

Yes seriously. She drives a Prius.
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