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Originally Posted by blahzay View Post
I like the look of the refresh as well as the original 5th Gen. I know I may be one of the very few but I will be buying a new one when they come out. Personally i think there is soooo much bashing of the newer Camaro because everyone is already stuck with high payments and are probably going to be upside down if they trade it in so the only way to make you feel good (or let me rephrase that, make you feel better) about your current car is to bash the newer look one. Thats just my opinion. Either that or there are too many Indians and not enough chiefs.

Not liking the front end or not like the taillights is one thing but to bash the car as a WHOLE is just hating. Just sayin...
No one is bashing the whole car. That makes no sense since its the same car we all own. It's the front and back people don't like. I'd be the first to admit my jealousy but the fact of the matter is its just downright funky looking. I was all ready to be disappointed that the new car was "so much better" than mine but luckily for my wallet I'm not.

That V6 front end looks like the squinty face of someone that ate too much glue as a child.
The back is just....uninspired.

It takes getting used to but I still don't like it. Maybe in another 6 months.
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