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Is there Something Sketchy About this 2LT/"RS"

The reason I put "RS" in the title is I am in the midst of buying a Camaro but I don't want to go brand new. I found a nice yellow 2012 Camaro 2LT/RS in my area and it's pretty much perfect aside from having the Hockey Stick Stripes (Ugly IMO) and not having the Rally Stripes. That's a simple modification though because I will take the hockey stick stripes off and get a family member to take it in and add the matte black rally stripes. But, back on topic, I have my doubts about it being a true "RS" version.

To start, it doesn't seem to have the RS Badges. The rims are only 19" and I believe they are supposed to be 20". The headlights dont look to be the RS ones with the halo ring. That's all I can find that tells me it isn't the RS. It does have the gauges that are in the RS versions.

Here are some pictures to help you decide if it's just been debadged and stripped of RS parts or what...

Please tell me if this is an RS or not. I'm new to all of this so you guys may be able to tell me if those are the correct headlights and whatnot. Maybe the 2012 RS package was different? I don't know but most of you do. I assume if it isn't a true RS, I can get the priced knocked down a bit?

Thanks guys, I hope to stay here a while once I get this car and hopefully join in on the talk with the community. Peace.
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