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Never underestimate Mark Stielow, and we still don't know exactly how much hp the Z/28 is going to have. Those 11" wide Trofeos on all 4 corners are also something to reckon with. I'm certain Stielow and team have also solved the fuel and oil starvation issues at cornering speeds in excess of 1g so I actually believe this car will in fact outperform a Stingray with the Z51 option.

To me a Stingray with Z51 is essentially their upscale version of a 2SS with 1LE option. It's still a street car at heart but upgraded with a track-pack. The Z/28 is looking more and more like a very serious track car with all kinds of Stielow-tweaked abilities that will give it a definite edge in the hands of a skilled driver. It appears the Z/28 is going to be a genuine TRACK car that's barely street legal. Big difference.

If you want a beautiful luxury performance car with great track abilities, the Stingray with Z51 and NPP exhaust options will be very hard to beat. Great bang for the buck there. If you want a serious "king of the jungle" track car it's starting to look like the Z/28 might just be a real game changer in many different ways.

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