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Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Yeah, they probably have their excuses lined up. It's not really exclusive if the ZL1 and 1LE rear spoiler are the same. The cost of the refresh will make the price of a 2014 go up on it's own and that's where the cost of the new spoiler and hood wrap should be absorbed. I know it's wishful thinking but if they're going to nickel and dime us for every change that is made, they should pass down the savings to the customer when parts are removed. Pricing hasn't been announced yet so we shall see.
The cost would have gone up regardless of the refresh. Prices increase year over year whether there's a refresh or not. Heck, they have price increases mid model year. A 2013 Camaro ordered today will cost more than one ordered at the beginning of the model year.
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