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I'm trying not to be a hater, Scott if youre reading, and also holding final opinions until I see some of these myself. Hopefully hopefully these and a Z/28 will be in Atlanta at FBody Gathering in a couple weeks. I'm so firing up the fancy camera for that.

The 1LE at least covers up the thing on the hood, ok and this is from a ZL1 guy with an even bigger thing on my hood, but whatever, I thought the front end was growing on me. Me first impressions were not great, but we're getting there. I'd say that chrome strip would have to go. It didn't occur to me how plain the back end sort of looks until someone said something above here. But then again I've probably commented that I wish I could get rid of my reverse lights on my car, so that goes both ways. I did think the diffuser coming half way up the tag is weird.

Strictly from an engineering stand point I wonder if the new diffuser is more functional than the old, because it's shaped so different.

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