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Originally Posted by 2012-1822 View Post
I don't even know how you guys have a car and motorcycle culture with the way your laws are. So is there no CAI that passes CARB? I love the fact that even if your car burns cleaner than factory if it looks modded on the exhaust it fails, that is awesome.

For the guy that said he doesn't belong there, pack up and move east we'll take you. I'm in Alabama but you might prefer Atlanta, Ga. They have inspections but not like yours at all and just for the Atlanta metro area, but Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, no inspections.

Seriously I'm no trying to kill the environment, I'm trying to reduce weight on my car. I've heard some say they can drop 100lbs in exhaust weight. So can anyone comment on after market brands of headers, cats, and cat back that have passed CARB, you know, in case I decide to look for a job on the left coast later.
The problem is that submitting something to CARB costs money and time. Most companies don't bother with it. If the market is big enough they will, but most companies are small and don't have the funding to do the R&D and submit for CARB testing.

CARB; like most California environmental things, is usually just a pain and won't pass things for various reasons.

SMOG checks are changing supposedly in a few years. They will use a different method using the vehicle's computer etc. So you can mod your car as long as it makes it cleaner burning. At least so I'm told, who knows when it will be implemented.
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....and I'd love to tell you all about what we're working on, but then there's that fleet of Black Suburbans that show up when one says more than they should...............
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