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Originally Posted by sho928 View Post
Doc, I agree with your assessment.

However based on how rough the N Ring is compared to the typical tracks here in the US, I strongly believe it is not the venue to showcase the Z28's true talent.

Attached illustrates the kind of balls it takes to fly around the N Ring in a car with a stiff suspension of limited travel.
Geez...well if nothing else testing like that tells the team to make sure and waterproof the driver's seat.

But consider if they ARE in fact able to tame the Ring with the Z/28 that will be absolutely killer on pretty much any other track anywhere else. Stielow is quite experienced; he knows about suspensions so I'm sure he's aware of Colin Chapman's old winning-Formula-One-championships philosophy of "soft springing and good damping". With today's computer-controlled cars the Z/28 might just come with more than one "track" setting; one for rough tracks and one for smoother tracks. I can only imagine what someone like Colin Chapman could have done with today's technology.

Can't wait to see what they finally come up with.

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